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    HDV project to web

    Ulf Laursen Level 1

      I have a HDV project I would like to put on the web.

      I would like to be able to export in either 480p or 720p like theese clips here:


      So basicly my questions are:

      1. Which format and preset should I use to get 480p or 720p for playback in flashplayer?
      2. How do I integrate the file on a webpage? (sorry if Q2 is somewhat offtopic).

      Thanks in advance.

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          I have the same question. Getting the stuff to look good on the web and playback without various problems is not obvious. How do THEY do it?
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            Steven L. Gotz Level 5
            How? It seems obvious to me.

            First, assume the viewer has a high bandwidth connection. That is key to the quality of the compression.

            Second, make sure you have something people actually want to watch.

            Really, they are just Flash videos. A little higher bandwidth than Vimeo uses I think, but Flash nonetheless. They post multiple files on their site so you can pick the one you want. That helps.

            Perhaps I don't understand the question? Or perhaps I just think that exporting to Flash is a simple matter of using Premiere Pro CS3.

            As for how to get it on a Web site, use Adobe Encore to create your Flash site to look just like a DVD, or use Dreamweaver to post your SWF files created in Adobe Flash.
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              Here's what helps.

              The video files are H.264 with a FLV file extension. The 720p version, by my calculation, was running at around 3 mb/s (9.87MB for 25sec). That's always going to create a great looking file.

              A bit unusable if you're not on a serious connection, but if a person realistically expects to be able to watch HD content on dial-up then they should get used to disappointment.
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                Ulf Laursen Level 1
                Thanks guys - that gives me a good start.

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                  Ulf Laursen Level 1

                  It is actually quit easy - I did some tests this morning and it was quite good looking - need some tweaking of bitrates etc. though.

                  Still have one question, sorry if this is obvious :-)

                  When I make my webpage, I have 2 components besides the html file, the flv file and some kind of player skin in an .swf file. Is there some place to download different 'skins' somewhere, or do I need the full Flash-product to get them?


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                    Ulf Laursen Level 1

                    I found actually a good player at http://www.flowplayer.org under opensource