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    Which hardware should I use?

      I have two fairly good machines and wondered which one I should be using for Premiere CS3 on editing HDV footage

      1 - IBM Intellistation P4 3.2ghz, 4gb ram
      SCSI RAID, seperate drive for the OS
      Nvida Quadro 240 video card

      2 - FOrmer Gateway with new mb, with Athlon X2 64 4200, 2gb ram
      7200rpm Eide drives, 120gb, 250gb, and Maxtor ext 350gb drive using Firewire.
      VisionTek 128mb video card

      Running Win XP sp2.....

      Any help and I would be most thankful!!!!!!

      BTW I have used #2 for SD miniDVD editing for awhile and have no issues. I decided to move CS3 to #1 and captured HDV from my Canon HV30 and noticed the footage captured with HDVSPLiT was choppy on playback. What combo of hardware should I use?