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    How to sync NTSC and PAL clips to same frame rate for multicam edit

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      Hi there,

      First time poster so sorry for the newbie question. I'm trying to get 2 standard NTSC clips and 1 standard PAL clip about a hour long each which shot the same event at the same time, to sync up so that I can go to multi-cam and edit them like a movie sequence. I tried that, but they start unsyncing about 10 minutes in. I gather it's because of the different frame rates. I tried using "interpret footage" and changed the PAL 25fps to 29.97fps and everything got sped up. I tried rendering the PAL clip as an NTSC clip but it ended up looking a bit fuzzier. As I want to end up with an NTSC clip in the end, how can I make these clips sync up properly?

      Any, tips to help this newbie greatly appreciated with many thanks.