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    The ideal camera.

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      Recently I was surprised to see that with the number of cameras out there, I still can't find one that really fits in with what I would like to see.

      Here is what I consider the ultimate camera. Everything that's not listed here, I can do without.

      A progressive camera with ANY progressive frame rate from 5P to 60P!
      Variable aspect ratio from 4:1 to 1:1!
      A native codec which optimizes the image based on the above settings!
      Cheap flash cards or mini DV type tapes.
      Half inch or 2/3 inch interchangeable lenses and real manual focus ring.
      2 XLR IN + HDMI + Firewire in/out + RCA in/out
      (YUV would be nice too but not mandatory)
      Fast Auto Focus button, zebra, iris, gain, shutter angle buttons on the camera (and not in some hard to find menu).
      Full HD and a super sharp colour viewfinder.
      Hand held and affordable.

      The EX1 comes closest but we're not there yet.

      That's all. Is that too much to ask? :)
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          My two main requirements are full raster I-frame only recording and full resolution imaging devices. ALL video/DC cameras should have at least those two fundamental basics. Right now the cheapest HD camera that offers such is the $50,000 Panasonic HPX3000, and that ain't right. We need cameras costing ten times less to have those same basics that ALL cameras should have.

          Recording modes should include 480i/30, 480p/30, 480p/24 (both standard and Advanced pulldown), 720p/30, 720p/24, 1080i/30, 1080p/24 (plus PAL equivalents for those cameras). 24p modes at all resolutions should also include a Native mode which records only those actual frames without a 30i carrier or such. Variable frame rates as we now get with 720p modes should be kept, and possibly added to the 1080p modes as well.

          It would be nice if someone could design a scheme that allows us to fit one hour of 1080pN/24 recording onto a $5.00 solid state device. THAT would be a genuine replacement for tape. I might even say it should be two hours recording onto $5.00 card, because that was the standard for VHS. MiniDV kind of messed with that paradigm by being half the recording time of the accepted standard. The recording format should include everything into a single file - video, audio, metadata. Renaming files in any way should not break any functionality (including spanning, as metadata would handle that). MXF would probably work if properly implemented.

          I'd like at least a 1/2" set of CCDs. 2/3" would be better. I'm less concerned about removable lenses, so long as the built in zoom shows no spherical aberration at any focal length, and has at least a 16:1 range. True mechanical zoom/focus/iris rings on the lens like real lenses should have are a must, with auto/manual everything and a remote port for all functions a la HVX200.

          Half resolution/full color EVF and LCD are also a must for event work. The EVF should be switchable to B&W for the old timers who want it. A good sized EVF like on Pannys, plus a 4.5" LCD.

          I find the basic DVX/HVX body design to be by far the most user friendly of any camera I've tried, so let's stick with that.

          An MSRP under $5,000, with street prices even less.