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    Recorded HDR, Want to Export 4:3


      I am setting up a project for the first time, doing a corporate video for a
      relative's company.

      Shot the footage using a Sony Handycam HDR
      Footage is mt2s format, (no prob importing into Premiere, got codec)

      I have done a test import using hdr preset with those dimensions, but is that the right way to go?

      Or is that only if I want those settings as the final product?
      Little confused, all the export tutorials I watched only skirt the issue and
      go into all the wonderful formats available.

      But what if I shot in widescreen hdr and want to out put to tv

      What is best method?

      Prob is once, you set Premiere one way, only way to reset is to recreate project,
      Have I done it right or wrong so far?
      Should I have set the project up as 4:3 regardless of initial capture footage, or should I set it to footage and then export differently?

      I want to be sure I don't end up with distorted perspective, and I figured like Sony Vegas, somewhere along the way I could edit my framesizes and zooms in the software.
      Haven't even see how to do that yet except for in effects.
      Is there no way to drag to view in the project preview window?



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