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    Help exporting editing videos to AVI

      I've been working with some .avi's in Premier and am having difficulty exporting the edited versions in .avi without creating huge files. The source files are recorded powerpoint presentations with an audio track created by a VGA capture machine (Epiphan's VGA recorder). I've checked the source file properties with G-Spot, one example:

      size: 298 MB
      kbps: 290
      frms/sec: 30
      codec: MP42 S-Mpeg 4 version 2
      res: 1024 x 768

      This file is 1hr, 35min long. I've cut out a 45 min segment and exported it as an AVI using the Cinepec codec, and selected 'maintain source file properties' and its created a 750 MB file. Whats worse, is that this huge file looks significantly worse than the original. I've tried lowering the bitrate and halving the frame rate, but the files are still huge.

      Is there something that I'm missing here. Thanks in advance for your help!