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    tilde key ....monitor at 100%

    shooternz Level 6
      Does any one else feel that when using the Tilde Key action, it would be better if the Screen automatically opened in 100% Mode and not Fit.

      I use Fit on my Source and Programm Monitors so when using Tilde, the screen also opens with "fit" and this of course presents the image "enlarged" requiring an adjustment down to 100%. (Clumsy in front of clients)

      A feature request maybe if others agree ?

      BTW - the whole Premiere function of "mouse roll over" without having to focus the window is brilliant and hopefully if Adobe were to change it as I would wish, they would also not break it in the process.
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          Colin Brougham Level 6
          Seems like a logical request. As a not-quite-as-elegant-as-the-tilde-key-workaround, would it be possible to set up a workspace that does this? Granted it's a three-key-combo, but it could work... haven't tested it, myself.

          EDIT: Nope, doesn't work. Booo....
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            TradeWind Level 3
            I keep my prog/src monitors on 100% anyway, because i'm only using SD footage, and on my 1920x1200 monitor, i can see all the detail.

            when i work on smaller monitors, i still keep it at 100% most of the time, but i don't always see all the details until i "tilde" the prg monitor. Works for me most of the time.

            but to answer your question...yes, it would be nice to have this as a checkbox in the preferences, or to have an option like After Effects does in the zoom drop down that says "Fit up to 100%." That would do exactly as you are requesting.
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              Steven L. Gotz Level 5
              A simple solution would be to create a workspace that has the panels at the size you want them to be. Then instead of using the tilde, hotkey over to the new workspace.
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                shooternz Level 6
                Thats not the same Steven and too slow and clunky when you need to bounce up and down between monitors many times in a session.

                The tilde key function is fantastic and unique to Premiere but it just needs this "tweak" to make it perfect.

                To add a lttle to note the issue : When working in HD the Program and Source Mnitors must be set to FIT. When one roll over tildes to the "big" monitor one need to set it to 100% to avoid the pixelation. Then of curse when one goes back to the Program/ Source Monitor these are now in the wrong mode so also need to be reset back to FIT.

                >"Fit up to 100%."

                That wold do it for me.
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                  Jim_Simon Level 9
                  Why would you need to make the monitors full screen, going back and forth like that?
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                    shooternz Level 6
                    Working with client(s) by my side (eg an art director/agency producer) we do the edits, grafix and apply the fx etc in timeline view and then preview what we have done at the larger viewing scale.

                    I find it ideal to have these people up close on the front line where we can collaborate properly and the process usually involves many tweaks and changes.

                    In the back line of my edit suite their is comfortable seating for others (eg my clients client) to sit and view on the external HD monitor.