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    Sticky Mouse

      No I didn't spill pop on it. I had a Logitec wireless that sticks to stuff in CS3. When I click on something it takes two or three clicks. When I let go of something it sticks to it? I tried a Microsoft mouse and it did this also. I just put a wired Logitec USB mouse on and it's better but still when I use the razor blade tool and go back to the pointer it takes several clicks sometimes to change. My CS3 in updated, the mouse is updated and I have ran this PC for a year now. The problems all started with the wireless mouse. Is there a file or string in my PC some place doing this you think? Hope someone can help as this is a pain. I rum XP pro with SP2. Thanks
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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          I had the Logitech wireless mouse and keyboard. I had major problems with the SetPoint drivers for them. I loved the mouse, hated the keyboard, and could not live with SetPoint.

          I kept the mouse, replaced the keyboard with a USB and completely removed SetPoint. So far, all works well.

          The problem that I had was not like yours, but you might look into the SetPoint software as a possible cause.

          Good luck,

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            rockyweih Level 1
            It was the wireless mouse. I put a wired USB on and after removing all the wireless drivers and a few reboots all is well now. I think I will go back to a wired keyboard also. Thanks for the help.
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              the_wine_snob Level 9
              Sorry you could not use the Logitech mouse. If you had the model that I have, it is the best mouse I've ever wrapped my hand around. I love the size and the weight. I just hated the companion keyboard.