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    What should I do? It looks like I have to Move to Final Cut!

      I am doing a simple video for An Arabic Church in the USA and Premiere Titler does not support international fonts, and yes photoshop doesn't either. After talking to tech support and customer service my option is to buy a middle eastern copy, so I get transferred to sales who told me that a middle eastern copy is not sold in the USA.

      First of all there are hundreds if not thousands of international/multicultural production houses, organizations and companies that use titles in mutlti language formats for video, print, web etc. If the font is in my window folder, why can't adobe make it accessible to users?

      Now after talking to several individuals in the production field who do similar work they said they don't use adobe for that reason and use Final Cut Pro, and said that the Mac and Final Cut Pro are much more user friendly. Some where using premier like myself but not any more.

      I find myself with two options, to research and find out a third party plug in software for titling or move on to Final Cut Pro, in which so many times have stopped myself from doing so because I've used premiere now for 8 years

      I hope this gets to adobe management and instead of tech support telling me to go and capture a screen shot in photoshop to actually correct this important and valuable feature to many. After all this is the United States a 300 million from all over the world, so please fix this problem so you don't impede my business growth. Now I have to go and figure out what to tell my client.