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    100% CPU usage

      Every time I try to playback in Premiere Pro It will play smooth for a few seconds then it will become choppy and "laggy". My cpu usage will go up to 100% when I try to play back. Is there a way to get less spu usage out of Premiere pro or do I need to upgrade my computer.

      Im using windows x64
      and I have a Celeron 2.80 GHz cpu
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          Jim_Simon Level 8
          Where did you get the video clips you're trying to edit?
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            A dvd I put on my computer.

            It only does it with high quality video

            If I play a simple flash movie in premiere it does not lag. This also happens in after effects
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              Jim_Simon Level 8
              DVDs aren't very good source material. If you want to edit, I recommend sticking with a tape based MiniDV camera.
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                John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                >(source is) A dvd I put on my computer

                Based on reading a LOT of problem reports, importing files from a DVD or hard drive camcorder or other MPEG device (including digital STILL cameras that create MJPEG files) or trying to edit divx, or Ripping DVD files rarely results in success in Premiere... do not be fooled by movie industry advertising into thinking that "DVD Quality Video" is suitable for EDITING... it is not... a DVD is designed to be for PLAYBACK only... and that includes trying to edit a Standard Def MPEG or VOB file!

                You should also use WAV sound files, not the compressed MP3 format

                The only SD (Standard Def) files that Premiere really likes are DV AVI type 2 (be sure you have type 2 and not DV AVI type 1 files)

                HD (High Definition) files are a completely different issue... I don't use HD, so can't say anything about editing those files

                Go to my notes page http://www.pacifier.com/~jtsmith/ADOBE.HTM

                Click the internal link for editing compressed files... read, there are some ideas & links there, including some links to other programs that have been mentioned in the Premiere forum as being better suited to editing MPG files... if you want to edit a divx file, start at http://www.divx.com/

                If you only have DVD type files, you should convert to DV AVI type 2 or use different software... go to the VideoHelp link in my notes and look for a program to convert... but do be aware that converting from a HIGHLY compressed viewing format back to an editing format is going to cause a drop in quality

                PS - To work with AC3 sound files in Premiere CS3, copy the ad2ac3dec.dll file from the Encore CS3 directory into the Premiere directory

                For a Firewire DV Camera - look at Panasonic PV-GS320 or GS500 (Note that I have not used either, but they have good reviews)
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                  I tried some AVI files of a animated show. I still get the same 100% cpu usage and choppy playback.
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                    Harm Millaard Level 7
                    Looks like the gift wrap paper is not the issue, but the present inside the wrapper. AVI is a wrapper. What is inside is interesting, which codec?

                    I can rename a Word file from .doc to .avi but that does not mean I can edit the file with PP.
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                      So what are you trying to say?
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                        Phil Griffith Level 2
                        he means that avi in itself does not mean anything. you need to find the codec inside the avi wrapper. search for g spot in the forums to find out which.
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                          Jim_Simon Level 8
                          >So what are you trying to say?

                          If you want to edit, I recommend sticking with a tape based MiniDV camera.
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                            Movies are not the only things I edit using premiere pro.

                            So far anything besides the simplest of flash animations and pictures will make the playback skip and "lag"
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                              Harm Millaard Level 7
                              Good luck in figuring it out.
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                                Jim_Simon Level 8
                                Movies shouldn't even be on the list of things you edit. Premade movies, that is. Nothing wrong with editing your own, using your own footage shot on a tape based MiniDV camera. That's what Premiere does very well. Other things? Not always as well.