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    TIMECODES are important for audio and video sync issues

      Hello, just wanted to pass on what I learned so that others can avoid the trouble that I've had to go through. Perhaps this may help someone who is stuck on the launch pad. :)

      BOTTOM LINE: Info for the beginner. Audio and video not in sync in Premiere Pro CS3 V3.2.0

      PROBLEM: Capture works great it seems. When I go to the folder that contains the captured file and view in Windows Media Player audio and video are in sync. BUT when viewing the video asset in the source and program monitors, the audio and video are not in sync.

      Before capturing a tape make certain the following is checked:

      (1) Edit->Preferences->Capture->Use device control timecode
      (2) Edit->Preferences->Device Control->Options->Timecode Format
      (3) Project->Project Settings->General->Video->Display format

      As for the devices timecode choose something other than Auto Detect. Then match the project timecode with what was chosen during capture. The projects display format could of course be set to frames.

      I searched everywhere for audio and video sync issues in google, adobe forums, F1 help, and hv20.com and everyone was talking about:

      (1) Presets: 1080p30 vs. 1080i30 (60i).
      (2) brakes in the tape where timecode for the audio and video get misaligned during capture.

      But choosing the correct hardware settings and timecodes to solve audio and video sync issues never popped up.

      MY HARDWARE: Canon HV30, HDV