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    Weird Caprture Issue

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      This issue just reared its ugly head for me: I can now only capture anywhere from 5 seconds to 7 minutes of video! The counter for disk space goes down as I capture, and the capture window is reporting it is capturing all of my video. After I name the clip and close, however, that is where the strangeness begins. I run NTFS - so no problem with FAT limitation issues - and the latest copy of CS3. In the properties of the captured clip, I also see listed as "Mainconcept DV Pro" codec for the capture. I tried Windows Movie Maker (ugh) and it captured perfectly. Perhaps I should uninstall Mainconcept MPEG Pro(if it installed the DV pro codec)? I have looked everywhere and I do not see a toggle or switch to limit capture time - and I never had a problem before.

      Any help or ideas? It will be a big pain to capture in Movie Maker....when I should not have to do it!