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    Export to tape (Betacam?)

    Fighting Sticks Level 2
      I've a got project I've submited on DVD that's now been invited to screen at a festival. It has to be submitted in 16mm, 35mm or Betacam. I'm hoping I can save a lot of cost if I can just export it to a Betacam tape.
      The comments here indicate it should work - http://livedocs.adobe.com/en_US/PremierePro/3.0/help.html?content=WS1c9bc5c2e465a58a91cf0 b1038518aef7-7ca4.html

      However has anyone exported from PPro to Betacam tape before? What model Betacam cameras are compatible with CS3, I can't find this information can onyone indicate what model Betacams I could use to export to tape (Betacam)