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    problem with encoding

      hi. I am a big newbie when it comes to digital video so I'll try to explain myself as good as I can.
      I have downloaded and installed adobe premiere pro cs3, the trial version. I've managed to make a pretty decent video, and now I want to export it to H.264 format. The project itself is HDV 1080i. So I do it with adobe encoder and all I get is a gray flickering video. the thing is that about 3 days ago I already tried this, and It all went fine. I got a good quality .mp4 clip.

      So I figured there must be something wrong with the codecs. I downloaded Sherlock (codec information app) and it finds the following errors:

      -Codec Name: Mainconcept (Adobe2) H.264/AVC Video Encoder
      Driver: C:\Archivos de programa\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Pro CS3\ad2evh264.ax
      "The driver file for this codec was not found. This probably means the codec was not unistalled properly"

      But actually I didnt uninstall anything, and the file d2evh264.ax is where it says it is. I get the same error for "H.264/AVC Video Decoder" and "MPEG Video Encoder".

      The file I did get to encode to h264, still plays well on my pc, btw

      As you see I am really new to this and I don't have the first idea of where to start fixing it. If anyone can help me I'd really appreciate it.

      thanks in advance