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    Ecoding settings for a large outdoor screen?

      Im doing a project for a large outdoor screen that will be run through a computer. In a recent post on a similar subject Steven Gotz suggested that if all you need is PC based playback, you go with Windows Media instead of MPEG2. I have had great success with 8Mbps WMV files at 1280X720. Any higher data rate than that and you are looking at problems on some PCs. This worked fairly well, but a lower resolution DVD played on an upscaling DVD player was better than any file, mpeg or WM file, on the computer.

      The person in charge of the project told me that the HD format choices to use are: MPEG 2, 1280w x 720h; JPEG, 1280w x 720h; or Flash, 1280w x 720h PAL (but he didnt seem familiar with Premier encoding settings). So this excludes WM.

      Which one of these formats would work the best and what of the dozens of possible encoding settings should I use?