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    Video GREAT in Premiere, Once exported, it's Choppy

      I have this 20min video containing captured & transitioning clips in Premiere Pro.

      I am using Black Magic Design and a fast PC so I have a NTSC output. It looks great in Premiere when I play it. I'm running SDI-IN for capturing, and SDI-OUT for preview.

      What is the prime way to export your video on DVD if you have Adobe Encore?

      If I use Export -> Export to Encore, it compresses my video, and I see artifacts on my DVD. In addition to this, it looks like I see two of the same video running, one under the other, and they are off a few lines horizontally.

      If I Export it as a Movie, lets say AVI Uncompressed, it looks really good, but whenever images move in my movie, they get really choppy. Especially crawls.

      I have tried under Export -> Movie...

      - Blackmagic Design Decklink Compiler = looks outstanding, choppy crawls
      - QuickTime (720x486) = Looks compressed, artifacts everywhere,double image, crawl is fine
      - Uncompressed AVI = Looks outstanding, crawl is choppy
      - Microsoft AVI = looks compressed with artifacts but crawl is fine, double image though
      - Deinterlacing does nothing but worsen the crawl
      - Changing anything in Field Options if you right click the individual clips does nothing but worsen the crawl.

      Can someone help me!

      How do I fix my choppy moving crawls? It looks great on my SDI Preview monitor before exporting it.