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    Exporting as Flash FLV or SWF

      Hi all,

      I have a video that should go online. Should I use the flv export from Premiere or the swf export from Encore?

      What should the html code look like for inserting flv respectively swf?

      Thanks in advance!!
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          akribie Level 2
          Depends on how long your video is.

          If it is VERY short, then possibly SWF alone is OK for video.

          But for any more than very short movies, FLV is the way to go. You will need to access the FLV file through a SWF player embedded in a web page if you want people to view it on line.

          Although I have not tried it myself, I suspect that Encore will generate FLV files for the video elements of the DVD and SWF for the menus and player.

          Try it and see!

          If you have Dreamweaver, you can insert the swf very easily using the Insert menu. To do it manually, look on the web for code snippets related to Flash. You'll need to upload all related files, of course.
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            Ulf Laursen Level 1

            Try this one:


            I have started to play arround with this one, and I like it.

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              akribie Level 2
              Now I've done a test, I can confirm that Encore writes out an HTML file with a flash player embedded, a .SWF file to manage the Flash playback, and a folder of .FLV files containing the videos themselves. The player interface mimics that of a DVD player using the menu(s) you created in Encore.

              All the hard work done for you. All you then have to do is to add the twiddly bits to the starter HTML page, or to cut and paste the relevant bits into your own page.