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    Export to WMV

      I am unable to export to the wmv format using "Adobe Media Encoder" as I keep getting the error "writer not found" I have seen a similar post on this forum and I have tried all of the ideas to cure this, repair,uninstall,reinstall and "regserver" via the CMD prompt but what ever I do it never works.

      I have V3.2.0 of Premiere Pro CS3 and I am running Vista Ultimate and at the moment there are no more updates for CS3.

      I have tested the wmv format by using windows Movie Maker (sorry to mention that here!) and a wmv file was produce with no errors, so nothing wrong there.

      Is a solution avaliable or does everybody get this, I need to be able to export to wmv as part of my project work (all of the other formats work okay i.e Flash,mov etc).

      Please do not ask me to reinstall Vista as a few people on other forums have tried this and it does not cure the problem.

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          Steven L. Gotz Level 5
          Have you tried downloading the Windows Media Encoder from the Microsoft site? If you export from Premiere Pro as a DV AVI, the standalone encoder should be able to encode it for you. I don't have Vista so I don't know if that will work for you for sure, but it should.


          Read the first paragraph and note that people who use Vista need to download a "fix" file. So see article 929182 in the Microsoft Knowledge Base.
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            Thanks for the information, yes I have been using the Windows Media Encoder for years, but even with the fix file it is still very unstable under Vista, I do have other methods of producing wmv files from avi as suggested, but I would like Adobe Premier to work...

            For a program which costs a lot of money I would not expect basic issues like this to happen.

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              shooternz Level 6
              Edit . Sorry wrong info
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                Harm Millaard Level 7
                > For a program which costs a lot of money I would not expect basic issues like this to happen.

                It looks more like a Windows Media problem than an Adobe problem.
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                  I must agree because I have visited a customer today who has CS3 running on Vista with none of my issues, tried to investigate the "Windows Media Problem" but can see no obvious answers as I have not installed any additional Codec packs (to my knowledge) but I used to have Pinnacle installed maybe that left something behind?

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                    I was getting the issue as well. I had uninstalled/reinstall Premiere Pro and got the same message, then updated the WME and WMP and got the same problem and then uninstalled/reinstall Premiere Pro and now it works like a charm. So I would have to say the issue is probably the necessity to reinstall Premiere after updating the WME/WMP.

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                      I am okay now as well, as I bought a new computer and after installing CS3 I did not experience the WMV error, as I said before it was Pinnacle that caused the error by not removing all of it's files.