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    AVI to DVD

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      Issue: No tool seems to convert the
      Tina avi-file in the right way.

      My goal is to soon cool down and burn
      that avi to a DVD and watch it
      smoothly on the telly. Yes, the
      Philips DVP5500S-player deals with
      MPEG2, MPEG1 and MPEG4. The footage is
      done in real 16:3 with a 3CCD cam.

      Plan A is to use Adobe Premiere CS3
      (AP) and export Tina to Adobe Encore
      (EN) for rendering/conversion and
      DVD-burning. There are no menus in
      the edited film. During the build
      process EN gives up and leaves a PGC
      error message well known and mentioned
      in several posts in Adobe´s forums.

      Plan B must be to convert one or two
      files and burn them to a dvd disk.
      Well, AP/EN produces two files
      Tina.M2V (mpeg)560 MB and Tina.WAV 215
      MB. Question 1: Can those two files be
      of any help in achieving my goal?

      In AP I export Tina as Movie with DV
      PAL compressor, Microsoft DV AVI, Bit
      Depth: Using project setting, Optimize
      Stills, Uncompressed audio.

      After rendering this brought forth
      19:36 minutes and 3,68 GB Tina.AVI,
      1536 kbit/sec, compression MC_DVD,
      video sampling 24 bits. I simply
      burned this file to a 4,7 GB DVD,
      naively hoping it should play, but it
      did not. Question 2: Why?

      During the last week I have tested
      Tina.AVI together with more than a
      dussin AVI to DVD tools, Avi2DvD, AVS,
      Cucusoft, Debut, DVD Flick, DVDforger,
      FormatFActory, X2DVD, Win AVI, you name

      The worst result is when nothing at
      all happens when I insert the disk,
      not even a loading sign appears on the
      t eve screen. The best is with WinAVI
      when Tina loads and starts playing but
      slows down and freezes after 20

      I have also (in AP) exported Tina to
      Adobe Media Encoder using those

      No filters, Video codec: MainConcept
      MPEG Video, PAL, 720*576, 25 fps,
      Field order: Lower, Quality 3, Wide

      VBR, 1 pass, Min 1,50, Target 4,00,
      Max 7,00 Mbps

      Audio: 48 kHz, 16 bit, Codec: PCM
      Audio Multiplexor: None

      This generates four new Tina files
      XMP, M2V.XMPSES, WAV and M2V, the
      first two are some Adobe metadata.
      Question 3: Can those files be of any
      use for me?

      In previous versions of AP one could
      rather easily produce working dvd:s
      The file structure on those is the one
      with video_ts and audio_ts under the
      root and then bup, iso and vob-files.

      Question 4: How does this nice working
      _ts structure relates to the type of
      conversion and settings made in
      different converters?

      Thanks in advace for any explanation,
      hint or theory why Tina doesn´t show
      up on the telly?
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          Jim_Simon Level 8
          >Can those two files be of any help in achieving my goal?


          >...naively hoping it should play, but it did not. Why?

          Don't know. It should have. Try a different player.

          >Question 3: Can those files be of any use for me?