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    Premiere Pro Crashes when editing HD

      Okay so I'll try to be as detailed as possible with this annoying problem. I have a problem with an hd project I'm working on. I have the project loaded up with about 30 gigs of HD footage shot on a JVC GZ-HD7. The one with the notorious .tod files. I have converted them all to what I believe is mpeg2 with mpeg stream. When I open the project I can use it for a moment and then if I click on a second clip to drag it to the source window, Premiere crashes. I do not know the specs that this camera records at so I just guessed on them, here is what I'm running.

      29.97 fps
      square pixels
      progressive scan
      30 fps drop frame timecode
      48kHz audio

      I am on a PC running a 6600 quad core intel, x64 vista ultimate, 8 gigs of ram, and a 768 mb nvidia 8800 gtx.

      Every time it crashes it says: Adobe Premiere has stopped working
      it gives me two options, 1) check online for a solution and close the program and 2) close the program.

      When I hit close program, it closes, then pops up the exact same dialog box to which I must again hit close program, though to my eyes it appears to be closed already.

      So my theory is that my settings are wrong, but I don't know how to fix it. Should I change the frame rate to 23.9... for the HD stuff? My editor almost never gives me problems in premiere or after effects so I'm guessing it's user error. Help me please!