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    Program Jitters

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      Not sure what is going on here but I am wondering if others have had the same or similar problem. While running Premiere CS3 it is unstable in that it jitters or jumps as if it is nervous. Not sure if I am explaining this very well but the program is rock solid like it should be but then it will just quickly shake left and right. If I happen to be on a pull down menu such as Export it will shake the cursor off the menu so the menu will dissapear. It seems to do this about every few minutes, maybe five or so.
      I am on a new computer so I am not sure if it is caused by the video card or the program but Premiere so far is the only program that it happens in. I also had a crash today in Premiere that was so bad that the computer shut right off and reset. In doing that I lost the entire project even though I had just saved it. The project was erased from the Recent list and when I found it in Explorer and tried to open it it would not open and a window message said that the file had become corrupted. I don't want that to happen again so I am asking for advise.

      My system:
      MB, Asus P5QL-E
      CPU, Core 2 Duo E8500
      Graphics card, Saphire HD 4850 with 512 MB
      3 GB ram
      CS3.2 with the patch

      Actually, now its jumping even more often.
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          Dan Isaacs Level 2
          Mouse driver... Intellipoint software conflict. Kill "ipoint.exe" and your jitters will subside :)
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            After talking with Support on the phone he said it was the Sapphire video card driver. So far I've tried two different ones and neither one has made it any better. Actually, one made it worse. The screen was just black. There is one more I can try later this evening.
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              Jim_Simon Level 8
              Dude, try killing ipoint.exe. Chances are about 99.99% that will solve the issue.
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                Jim, that sounds very encouraging but what do you mean? I don't know what ipoint.exe is or where it is. Can you explain just a little.

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                  Dan Isaacs Level 2
                  Right-click on the Taskbar and open Task Manager. Look at the list on the "Processes" tab. If you see "ipoint.exe", then you are running the Intellipoint mouse driver software from Microsoft. If this is the case, click Start/Settings/Control Panel/Add or Remove Programs and look in that list for "Intellipoint". Click on it and then click "Remove".
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                    Ok, I did a search and found ipoint.exe. I also followed your instructions, Dan and yes it is running. There is also an itype program running. Now, if I remove it will I still be able to use my mouse? Dumb question or not.
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                      Dan Isaacs Level 2
                      Yes, but you'll use any custom button settings, etc. Perhaps you should seek a new (non-Microsoft) mouse if these things are important to you.
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                        Dan, you are a genius! It worked! I opened three different projects in Premiere and none of them jumped around. I'll do some more tomorrow when I am not so tired but it sure looks good so far.

                        Thank you very much,

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                          the_wine_snob Level 9
                          As this has been a problem that has plagued many Adobe programs, I'm wondering if anybody has come up with a real "fix." By this, I mean has MS issued an updated InteliPoint version, or has Adobe looked into why the newer versions of InteliPoint is causing these problems?

                          For my reading, this behavior seems to manifest itself just in Adobe programs. Could be that there are other programs out there, and I just spend too much time on Adobe forums. To the point of my last readings, things were:
                          Adobe says it's MS's fault
                          MS says it's Adobe's fault

                          It would *seem* that a real fix could be written, but I am not a programer.

                          Just curious,


                          PS In the Audition forums, many refuse to believe that the InteliPoint driver could cause these problems. They refuse to disable it, and rag on Adobe for having an unstable GUI. At least here, in the PS and Encore forums, people are open to removing it, though there is the expected initial doubt - "how can a mouse driver cause this?"

                          PSS In the PS forum, IIRC, some seem to be having a similar problem with recent Logitech pointing devices. I have one of each (MS & Logitech), do not use either's software (SetPoint, or InteliPoint) and have had no problems.
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                            Jim_Simon Level 8
                            >has Adobe looked into why the newer versions of InteliPoint is causing these problems?

                            My guess on that would be no.
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                              There's a new IntelliPoint Mouse Software version out...


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                                Chris Geary Level 1
                                Thanks for the info, I had the same screen flicker problem, once I uninstalled the Microsoft Intellipoint programme it worked fine.
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                                  Jim_Simon Level 8
                                  The new 6.3 version seems to have resolved the issue. Been using it for two days now without seeing any shifting.