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    PPro CS3 fails to read Meta data

    Averdahl Level 4
      PPro CS3 fails to read Meta data in some files i have imported. It fails to read the start of the timecode and the tape name:

      Files imported into PPro CS3: http://web.comhem.se/averdahl/pproCS3_meta.png
      The same files imported into PPro 1.5: http://web.comhem.se/averdahl/ppro15_meta.png

      The first two clips are captured in PPro 2.0, may 2006, and the rest is captured in PPro CS3, august 2007. I have then used the Split function in Scenalyzer Live to split the captured material into smaller clips. I added the Tape Name in Scenayzer Live.

      The Meta data, timecode and tape name, can be read in Scenalyzer Live, Adobe Bridge 2.10.100 and PPro 1.5 but PPro CS3 refuses to read some of it. I have not PPro 2.0 installed right now but will give it a shot later. I have deleted Media Cache Database and reimported the clips in CS3 to no avail. I can create a new Project and import the files with the same reults, some meta data is skipped, so the Project itself is ok.

      Do you know why this happens? Does it happen to anyone else? Do anyone have a solution?