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    Problem opening PPro, please help

      Hey everyone,

      i researched this by and large and couldn't find anything: a few days ago, PPro CS3 (3.2) developed the following problem: when i launch the program, i can't click the "new project" button on the welcome screen. The button is there, it even highlights when i hover my mouse over it, but when i click nothing happens. I can only select open project or exit.

      I reinstalled both premiere itself and the whole production suite, to no avail. It looks like something is corrupted in premiere itself and won't be fixed even with a reinstall. All other software in the suite works fine.

      I am using a Vista-64 install with 4GB or RAM. I know 64-bit is not supported officially, but Premiere was running fine on my system for months.

      Anyone has any suggestions as to what to do?