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    Can I import just one SEQUENCE from a project?

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      I somehow lost all of the transitions in a project. I have been saving it as Ver 1,2,3, etc. Version 8 has all the transitions. Version 9 has a lot of other builds I do not want to lose, but my main timeline has none of transitions that are in version 8.

      All of the media files exit in both versions, SO - Is there a way to import just one sequence and/or be able to cut/paste a sequence from one project to another? I have imported the whole project, but that makes the project extra bloated - as almost everything is there twice.

      If anyone has a quick solution for this please let me know, as it would save me some time rebuilding all transitions. By the way, I have tried opening ver 8, opeing the timeline I want SELECTING ALL and doing a COPY. But when I open ver 9 and PASTE the transitions do not carry over. The cuts are all there, but no transitions...

      ALSO - Has this ever happened to anyone before? I had both basic AND Vtiascene transitions in this timeline. Both audio and video transitions are gone, but other timelines in the same project are unaffected...