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    Is it just a fact that HDV cameras can't shoot SD as good as a native SD camera?

    Webshark2000 Level 1
      Our company has a Sony HVR-V1U HDV camera. We've used it for many projects and (after we sent it in to have a lens focus problem fixed) it shoots very good HDV footage in adequate light.

      The problem is that we purchased this camera to be "future proof" so that when HD becomes enough of a standard that our clients begin asking for Blu Ray DVDs we will be able to give it to them. But, at the moment, we are still using standard DVDs.

      Now I know our company isn't doing $100,000 commercials and I don't expect those kind of results out of our camera, but I've noticed that when we shoot HDV and convert to SD the results look much worse than my Panasonic DVX-100B camera. Even if we shoot in SD with the Sony camera the result still look worse than my DVX-100B. The DVX-100B cost me about $2,500 a year ago and the Sony V1U cost our company about $4,200 a year ago. I would expect that the higher-dollar camera would always produce the better picture.

      Is it a simple fact that an HDV camera should only be used if you are planing to output HD? Another problem I've noticed with this camera is that it requires about 3x the amount of light that my DVX-100B requires. I can get a nice, well-exposed image on the DVX in low-light with no gain, but need to bump the V1U's gain up to about 12db to get the same exposure, and then you've got so much grain in the image that it's unusable.

      I know that HD requires more light, but I didn't think the difference would be that drastic.

      Now I know there have been some threads about the best way to convert HDV footage to SD, so that's not what I'm getting at. My problem is that even shooting in SD mode with and HDV camera produces worse results than a shooting with an SD only camera. I'm just wondering if anyone else has noticed this trend or if there's something I'm doing wrong.