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    Newbie Question - Best Method of Burning to DVD?

      Hi, I apologize in advance for how easy this question may be. I recently edited 20 minutes of footage for a friend and I'd like to have it burned to a DVD.

      In the past, I've burned plenty of video files with Nero but this project exports as a 4.3gb file, which won't fit on the DVD. I know next to nothign about codecs and such. The file type I used was Microsoft DV AVI and the Compressor was DV NTSC, frame size is 720 by 480 and pixel aspect ratio is D1/DV NTSC (0.9). I hope this helps... I believe these were chosen by default.

      I just want to be able to burn it to a DVD or export it as a manageable file size to burn later, without sacrificing too much quality, as the quality is already pretty poor.

      Thanks for any help :D