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    P2 Avc intra support

      does anyone know if this is scheduled to be supported natively in ps3 anytime soon?
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          Jim_Simon Level 8
          Unfortunately, Adobe hasn't made any announcements on this front. I'd love to see it happen myself in CS4 right out of the box.
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            related avc/p2 question:

            theres a free panasonic application that converts avc(avchd) into (I'm assuming, pp3 ready*) p2:

            it's a 'leave your email and they send you a link' download link that I haven't got around to doing yet,
            but if i do..
            will it bring panasonic sd9 avchd video into pp3 at full 1920x1080 resolution complete with sound?

            Using the avchd to mpeg2 app that came with the camera downsamples to regular standard definition & i need to zoom detail up&out of the original video, as well as making the sound clip 'dissapear'.
            (I've read here the .dll from the encore folder workaround don't work if PP3's set to Pal/european)

            *In fact, the first question is does pp3 really edit panasonic non-avc p2 natively.
            (remember reading something that made me think that here somewhere, seems to good to be true now!)
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              Jim_Simon Level 8
              The software you're talking about will convert AVCHD to DVCPro HD, which is used with P2 cards in Panasonic cameras and can be edited with the latest (3.2) version of Premiere Pro. The DVCPro HD codec actually only records 1280 x 1080 resolution (for NTSC, 1440 x 1080 for PAL), so your footage will be downsampled.

              You may also consider AVCHD Upshift. It isn't free like the Panny software, but it will allow you to convert your media to an HDV-like format with full 1920 x 1080 resolution.
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                aw, you've made my day!
                wasted so much time this year trying to bring secondary camera avchd into standard def/xl2 main camera projects I wasn't going to try again until cs4!

                Saw an upshift webpage mention mpeg2 and gave up fearing it wouldn't bring in the sound clips, but will now return there.. n1!
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                  Dan Isaacs Level 2
                  Another thing to consider is the P2Forge software. It seems they don't have AVC Intra yet, but they plan to include it "soon".