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    Slow preview of HD-fotoage


      I would be very happy for any help with this: I want to edit footage from a Sony HD camera I premiere and after effects. Since the footage from the camera is AVCHD and that is not accepted by Premiere or AE I first have to capture via another program (Studio) and export it to a file and then edit in premiere and AE. First of all am I right to make a Windows Media file for HD to import to Premeiere or AE? Mpeg4 doesn't seem to work with Premiere and Mpeg2 is very heavy and not as good quality as Windows media.

      So I use Windows media so far. But when I want to watch the footage in Premiere in order to edit it, it runs so slow, like a series of stills. I know that I can decrease the quality to draft or automatic, but can I not make it less? The computer I'm using is by every expert I've talked to good enough to work with HD (1440x1080i). I can't edit if I can't see the footage moving! Anyone knows what to do?