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    AVCHD Now Supported - On Premiere Elements 7

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      It's interesting to note that Premiere Elements 7 will now support AVCHD.
      Hopefully Premiere CS3 will add this capability.
      Here' the link:
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          Sounds great. I wish Adobe would dump Premiere Pro and just replace it with a souped-up version of Elements. All the good ideas and interface lifts are being done in Elements and Premiere Pro is just....Premiere Pro.
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            I don't really agree with the Elements vs. Pro argument, having worked with both for many years now, but still, perhaps you've spoken too soon. The next release of PPro will have AVCHD support.


            Out of curiosity, what exactly do you prefer about Elements over Pro? Obviously, each product is geared towards it's respective market (Elements being a +/-$100 software for consumers, Pro being a $700+ software for professionals). That being said, most of the features in Elements are lifted from the production pieces being developed on PPro - not the other way around. So things like interface, codec support and such are usually implemented in Elements only after they have been considered and fleshed out in development for inclusion in PPro. It just usually takes longer to see it in PPro because of the product life cycle differences between the two products.

            On those occasions where you might see a feature implemented in a version of Elements before you see it in Pro, it's usually only because of the management following the different market forces that affect consumers vs. professionals. In many cases, it's just a matter of time before you'll see the same new feature included with PPro.

            Anyway, just curious to hear what features you like about Elements over Pro, or what you meant by "all the good ideas."