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    Premiere crashes when exceeding ~1.2GB memory usage

      This is extremely annoying. I have found Premiere to crash when it hits around 1.2GB to 1.5GB of memory usage on medialayer.dll or something. I was able to crash Premiere in just a matter of seconds after launching it and opening my project. I work quickly, so this happens frequently.

      Q9450 Yorkfield Quadcore (12MB Cache), clocked at 3.2GHz
      4GB of 1200 RAM

      All my scratch disks are set to my second partition, which has around or at least 200GB of free space. My page file is set to about 4GB. My machine is defragmented daily by Diskeeper Pro 2008.

      I am dealing with 26 video files and have frame thumbnails displaying in the timeline thing (it makes everything all the more easier for what I am specifically doing) and adds up to around a total of 9 to 10 hours of video and audio. I'm chopping out the intro, credits, and midtro from each video, which is basically what I am doing.

      However, I am currently downloading the latest update (which is like 50.3MB) that might possibly fix this issue. At least I hope it does. :( This crash/memory leak is going to drive me insane if it cannot be fixed.

      EDIT :: I have observed that every time I save, the memory usage goes up by 200KB to 500KB. For each frame thumbnail that Premiere loads, the memory usage goes up by a whopping 2MB+. This will and does quickly add up for the work I'm doing. Photoshop never unloads any of this memory!

      EDIT2 :: By the way, the frame thumbnails are 88x65 sized thumbnails.

      EDIT3 :: Even with the latest version and update, Premiere Pro CS3 still crashes for the same reason. I haven't seen the memory usage at 1GB though.

      EDIT4 :: Latest updates help though, but does not fix the problem. When I minimize Premiere, usage is 17 MB. When I bring it back up, usage is 32MB. I can keep resetting the usage to 17/32MB simply by just minimizing Premiere and bringing it back up again (and the memory usage reset is about instant). So far I've reset it numerous times when reaching levels of around 600MB to 800MB of memory usage and haven't crashed in my current session due to the memory leak yet.

      This seems to be only a temporary solution.


      That is my current workspace. I literally keep task manager open with Premiere highlighted like that so that I can watch the memory usage levels (to know when to 'reset' the memory usage) as I work. Right now all I'm doing is zooming in and out, and splitting videos in two (or multiple pieces).