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    Importing AVIs into Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 !!!

    jbandy Level 1
      Heres what Im trying to do: We have been working on a PC Leitch Velocity Q NLE system for the past couple years and just got 2 new Matrox Axio LE NLEs with Adobe Premiere Pro CS3. We are trying to get all our old projects from the Velocity system onto our Matrox systems and not sacrifice any of the video quality. I've been thinking that the best way to do this is by compressing old projects to AVI format from the Velocity system and move them over to the Matrox using an external hard drive.

      I was actually able to bring in an AVI from the Velocity system onto the Matrox yesterday using the same Velocity settings below, except that I changed the aspect to 720 x 480 and the audio sample rate to 48,000. When playing the video on the timeline in Premiere the video looked great on my computer monitor but on my external NTSC monitor all motion in the video looked a little jerky as if frames are missing. I tried importing the test clip into both Matrox uncompressed 8-bit and uncompressed 10-bit projects and had the same resulting jerky looking video. Even after rendering the clip the video looked the same. Then I tried exporting the clip to mpeg using the Matrox media encoder but saw no change in the jerky movement. Here are my project and export setting for both systems.

      The AVI was made on a PC Leitch Velocity Q NLE system. My project settings on the Velocity system are;
      29.97 drop frame
      720 x 486 24 Bit
      Interlaced field order B
      Sub pixel off Cropping off
      16 sample
      44 / samples / second
      2 channel

      Export settings are; (These are the settings I was trying the first time that didnt work. All I changed the second time was the aspect ratio to 720 x 480 and the audio sampling rate to 48.)
      Frame rate 29.97
      720 x 486
      No Compression
      Color 24 Bits
      Field handling interlaced field order B
      16 sample
      Sampling rate 44
      2 channels stereo

      Do you recommend compressing the video coming out of Velocity?
      There are a couple other options other than No Compression in the export dialogue such as: Microsoft H.263 video codec, Microsoft H.261 video codec. I definitely want to maintain the highest quality possible.

      Matrox Axio LE project settings
      Editing mode: Matrox NTSC
      Timebase: 29.97 fps

      Frame Size: 720 x 486
      Pixel Aspect Ratio: D1 / DV NTSC (0.9)
      Fields: Lower field first
      Display: Format 30fps Drop Frame Timecode
      Audio: Sample 48,000 Hz
      Display: Audio sample
      Video Rendering: Maximum bit depth is Unchecked
      Previews: File format Matrox uncompressed 8-bit NTSC (tried Matrox uncompressed 10-bit too.)

      I think the jerky video might be due to dropping frames but Im not sure.
      Any help is greatly appreciated!