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    After Effects glow in Premiere Pro

      Hey all, I'm new to using the Adobe family, and CS3. I have slapped together a short entry animation of some text in AE. I just used one of the preset animations (can't even remember which one...), and applied a glow on an adjustment layer.

      I have imported the .aep file into Premiere Pro, and it works fine. I clipped the length to something appropriate, copy and pasted my clip back into the timeline, then reversed the second clip so I would get my text bouncing in, pausing for a little, then bounce out.

      All well and good, however the glow effect doesn't seem to have rendered at all, ONLY on the reversed clip. When I do a playback in Premiere, it looks fine, just when rendering, I lose the glow.

      I could of course render my comp in AE, and then reimport and reverse the resultant redered clip, but wanted to avoid that if possible.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      After Effects CS3
      Premiere Pro CS3
      XP Pro