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    Embedded Quicktime question

      I have recently updated my site with new QT movies. The previous one's began playing before they were fully downloaded which I prefer, but for some reason the new ones download completely before they play so there is a long wait before they begin. I used the same code as I did before and inserted the QT the same way in dreamweaver as I did before. What gives? anybody?


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          The older QT movies were in your browser's cache memory so no waiting.

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            Thanks for the insight, but I cleared my cache. What I'm trying to say is the previously uploaded movies start to play while the movie is still downloading. The newer ones don't appear till they are completely downloaded. i.e. when you click on an older 32MB movie it start to play right away on a high-speed connection. The newer 2.5MB movie plays only when it is fully downloaded so your watching the 32MB movie before the 2.5MB movie.
            Is this a QT issue or my service provider?