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    Advice on exporting a 100min movie to the USA? HDV etc

    scott mackenzie
      Hi Guys,

      I have made a small 100min movie for a friend in the USA.

      I have filmed it on Sony PAL HDV 50i and exported that to DVD. (he has a multi regional dvd player)

      Is there any way I can get a higher res copy to him? He has an HDTV and a HDD video camera. (i assume ntsc)

      I was thinking that the only way would be to export an .avi to an external hard drive then he could import it in to his software package then watch somehow through his cam?

      I was worried about the 50i frame rate. Would that make things tricky? or jittery?

      Basically, can you tell me a good way to get a high res copy to him?

      Many thanks