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    Adobe CS3 on 64 bit systems

      I recently had a problem with Prem Pro CS3 coming up with an "out of memory" error.
      Adobe were unable to come up with a solution so, in an attempt to at least give the system more RAM, I bought a new system with 8Gb.
      Since 32 bit systems are not able to use that much memory, I went for the 64 bit version of the Windows Vista operating system.

      I thought all my problems were solved until someone at Adobe told me none of the programs in the CS3 suite is designed to run on a 64-bit platform!
      Can anyone tell me why not? Can it really be that difficult to enable Prem Pro to access more memory etc.

      I wonder if the much heralded CS4 will be able to run 64bits...

      Chris Walsh
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          TradeWind Level 3
          > I wonder if the much heralded CS4 will be able to run 64bits...

          Yes, but only Windows Vista 64-bit platforms...not planned to support XP 64 or any 64-bit operation on Mac OSX until version CS5 (a little while from now).

          The "out of memory" error has been occuring a lot lately, following the last patch upgrade. For most people, it's bogus, and usually involves opening the titler window. If this sounds like your problem, maybe you could try holding on , reverting back to XP or Vista 32 and waiting for the CS4 release (later this year or early 2009).
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            Jim_Simon Level 8
            More like later this month.
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              TradeWind Level 3
              Well, the announcement is later this month, but taking delivery of the actual CS4 software will likely occur later on...at least for most of us not inside the loop with Adobe HQ.
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                Jim_Simon Level 8
                I don't know. You could be right. But there are online merchants already advertising it, and Videomaker has said the software will be released (not just announced) on Sept 24th, so there's hope...
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                  Has anybody here even mentioned that Vista is in itself a problem? Why do you think everybody is sticking with XP? Vista has had so many problems many people reverted back to XP and most salespeople will recommend XP over Vista even today. As far as 64 bit is concerned it just adds another layer of problems and incompatibilities (and expenses). Moreover, most everybody here is using XP 32 bit versions. So I don't see why you need to use Vista 64 bit. By going that way you are looking for trouble because whoever told you 64 bit Vista is better and more reliable that 32 bit XP probably has his head up his ***. In theory he/she may be right. In practice you're just getting yourself into more trouble.
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                    Thanks for your replies.
                    One of the problems with Vista is that I produce dual layer DVDs and Encore will not recognse the DLT drive through Vista - apparently not even the 32 bit version!

                    Duplication companies need the DVD layers on separate DLTs to duplicate them.

                    So, I have had to go for XP with Encore.

                    From what you say, it does look hopeful on the 64 bit Vista front for CS4 so I'll just have to wait until it arrives. Who knows, they may even have sorted out the Encore DLT problem as well but I won't hold my breath...
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                      my bro's latest pc is vista, it won't run my legacy coreldraw8 Or recognise parrallel printers. So..

                      Does it Seems to anyone else like a dual boot 32bit xp / 64bit vista pc is worth building in time for cs4?

                      (+ off topic; buzzed that cs4 is fully avchd, whats the chances it'll handle mobile phone (etc) mpegs without issue?)
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                        TradeWind Level 3
                        > whats the chances it'll handle mobile phone (etc) mpegs without issue?

                        "Without issue" is a virtual impossibility. I would guess, however, that the support for various MPEG formats will be improved upon in the next release.

                        On Vista...I'm running Vista and have had no issues, no slowdowns, no crashes, no lost data, no memory leaks, etc. I'm running it on a laptop, and it's very very fast. Most of the issues people are still whining about were 3rd party driver compatibilities, and those were worked out in the last year and a half since Vista was released (for the most part...obviously, some older hardware and software will never be compatible with Vista because it's no longer supported by those 3rd parties, or because newer versions are available. See CS3 vs. CS2...no sense supporting Vista on old software when you built that compatibility into the new software).

                        I was skeptical about heading the Vista route, but most of the issues now are more myth than fact, or they are just old issues that were solved months ago or a year ago after the Vista dust settled. I discovered this through a little current events research, as well as with my own personal foray into the world of Vista.

                        All this being said, it's not worth upgrading most existing XP machines to Vista (any machine more than a year old with XP installed), but if you buy or build a new machine these days, most of the current software and parts and pieces were designed around Vista and are better optimized for it than for XP (for which there are usually issues running software in "XP compatible mode").

                        Memory issues and bloat, those were the two big complaints. I've found, however, that Vista handles memory much more intelligently than XP ever did, and makes better use of lesser memory. My notebook only has 2 GB in dual channel vs. 4 GB (also dual channel) on my workstation, and PPro and AE previews, renders and just about everything completes in less time than on my XP machines. I'm sure the nice T9400 processor is helping, but it's still all "strained" by the so-called limitations of Vista, so...I'd say the proof is in the pudding (or the render).

                        A final thought....before you go repeating the year-old thoughts and reviews of every blogger or tech magazine writer, make sure 1) they know what they're talking about, and 2) that they still hold those same opinions today. Lot of those guys jumped on the bandwagon for Vista after SP1 came out.
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                          Buy what you need. I have no idea why you bought 8 Giga! Upgrading to 64 cto suit your memory purchase adds another purchase to suit the previous purchase. Upgrading to Vista is another purchase to suit another previous purchase etc. This has nothing to do with editing or solving the bad memory error. I will tell youy something... no matter what you buy and no matter what version you have, there will always be somebody to tell youy to wait for the next version. Forget it. You would have been better off re-installing everything under XP HOME EDITION and perhaps add RAID and CODEC than to waste your money on this. Word to the mother. :)
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                            It is true that there will always be "jam tomorrow" but I needed to upgrade my system and in an attempt to future-proof myself, 64bit Vista seemed to be the way ahead.
                            I have to say that, so far, it has all worked well (I sorted out the problem where Adobe wouldn't help because it is a 64 bit platform)

                            I am tempting fate here, but I am running a 64 bit Vista system and a 64 bit XP/Vista system - both with quad core processors - and they perform very well indeed.
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                              "future-proof" Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! Don't ever lose your sense of humor. :)
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                                Curt Wrigley Level 4
                                Vista 64 makes a lot of sense and is very stable when running on new hw and apps designed to run under it. And 8G of mem also makes a lot of sense. Even if ppro cs3 (for example) cant use more than 2 or 3 G itself, you might find editors like running PS, AE, Pr all at the same time. This is where the extra mem is quite useful.

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                                  I think you'll find that most DUPLICATION companies will accept masters on DVD-R. Duplication is copying disc-to-disc, replication is glass-mastering in a factory.

                                  And if you go to a decent replication company, they'll also deal with you if you ftp your masters over to them, or send an iso.

                                  Just my own experience...
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                                    I have same RAM as you and bought 64 bit Vista to run CS3 premiere and it works fine and has the same amoutn of issues as any other system Ive had! but generally is fine!
                                    Though I now realise having had the system awhile that I could have done with a better processor/mother board more than more ram.
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                                      FYI- CS4 will still be 32 bit but is designed to run on 64bit Vista!

                                      Steve from NY
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                                        The replication plants I have used in Germany and Taiwan can only take masters from DLT for dual layer DVDs. I believe it is something to do with the layer transfer data that is different. The Taiwan factory did try to run from a DVD master but were unable to access layer 1 for glass mastering.

                                        It's good to hear from Steve that CS4 will be designed to run on 64bit Vista. Perhaps CS5 will be able to use my additional memory but I guess I shall have to wait some time for that to be released.

                                        In the meantime, Like Clare, I have found CS3 works as well on Vista as on any other platform.
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                                          Instad of waiting for CS4, you would be better off waiting for Windows next generation after Vista.
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                                            Phil Griffith Level 2
                                            did you or have you run vista?
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                                              i have its not as bad as people make out..yes there are minor issues
                                              ie- it asks for user/password for anything you want to change on system ever!
                                              you have to seriously double check your software hardware before you buy first to make sure etc but it is really ok apart from that..

                                              nothing but the usual pc related probs!
                                              i have vista 64 bit business

                                              i actually prefer it to xp..its gadgets are cool!
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                                                I have a nice rig: Intel i7 motherboard 6 gigs  corsair dominator 1600mhz ram and saphire 4850x2gig video card

                                                boot up is deadly slow. I am sticking with vista 32bit and cs3 because cs4 still crashes in after effects cs3 is more stable.

                                                I doesn't matter how much ram you put in 64bit vista with cs4 is deadly slow...........


                                                name withheld

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                                                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                                                  First, welcome to the forum.


                                                  Now, I see a possible problem:


                                                  boot up is deadly slow.


                                                  I cannot refute your experiences, but based on many reports from the "trenches," CS4.1 and Vista-64 with an adequate system (the basics of your's sound good, but there is more to a system than just the CPU and RAM), indicate that they work well together.


                                                  I think that you may have other issues with your system. If you want some help, please post full info on:


                                                  1.) System


                                                  2.) Assets


                                                  3.) Project


                                                  That will help others to help you. Go into as much detail, as is possible.


                                                  Good luck,