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    Issues with Importing 'AVIs' into CS3

      I have CS3 and am trying to import AVIs, but am getting no audio or no video, however it seems to be a bit unpredictable. On one computer one file will play with both on the other I get either audio or video but not both.

      Have done a lot of reading tonight and can see that I need to be using DV AVI Type II, problem is I have been trying to do that! I have been using Format Factory and have had no luck both with the AVIs and the MPEG files that I have converted. So obviously it is not converting into a usable format.

      Can anyone suggest a program that will convert to DV AVI Type II. I have looked at the list on Videohelp but none of them specify that they convert to DV AVI Type II.

      I understand that I may loose quality, but am editing videos to go in school seminars and so need to use clips that are relevant and interesting for the students. And given that I have just purchased CS3 I would like to work out how to make it work!!

      Any suggestions would be much appreciated!!