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    No audio when capturing from Sony DVCAM tape

    Professor D
      I am relatively new to video editing and have been using Premiere Pro CS3 for Windows (Vista Business) for several months, and love it.

      I have been given several Sony DVCAM tapes and asked to edit them. However, whenever I run a capture I get the video, but no audio. I am capturing from a Panasonic AG-DV2500 DV-VTR.

      I assume that the audio has been encoded differently than what I am use to, so I have tried to export and convert just the audio to different formats, which didn't work. I also attempted to export the entire video with audio to different formats using Adobe Media Encoder, but I still get no audio.

      I have Googled the problem, but didn't find any solution that worked. Maybe this is a codec issue.

      Any direction on what I need to do is appreciated.