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    Display Differences in FireFox / IE6


      I have an example in front of me that I built with Flex Builder 3 in Eclipse, and when I open it in Firefox it looks just fine, but in IE6 it shows differences in the rendering.

      Is that theoretically possible, does Adobe Flash install different plugins (of the same version) in different browsers, or "does it have to be a glitch on my side" ?

      tia for your thoughts & experiences,
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          It would be nice if you would post a link so the rest of us could "see" the differences in our browsers, FF and IE.

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            rtalton Level 4
            Yes, we'd need to see it. This is not really possible. Flash should render the content identically, regardless of the browser, unless...
            1) Check which version of the Flash Player you are targeting in your application (under "Flex Compiler"). Hopefully, at least version 9.
            2) Are the fonts looking different on different machines? Embed them so they look the same everywhere.
            3) Is it merely your app's position in the html page? This could look different if the app is not taking up the entire screen. It's position would then be entirely dependent on your HTML page's code, and then subject to browser interpretation.