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    TitleDeko (aka Title Deko)

      I am importing an old, old project, and a very complicated one it is.

      All the titles are done in TitleDeko 2.0, which is a program I still have and can reinstall if necessary.

      Can anyone tell me what I need to do in order for Premiere CS3 to recognize the .tdk titles produced by this program?

      Many thanks in advance.
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          shooternz Level 6
          I doubt there is anyway that Premiere wil recognise them in native form.
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            Used to be able to, around Premiere 6 or so. I was wondering whether there was a plugin or other directory I need to reinstall TitleDeko into, as used to be the case in earlier versions of Premiere.

            I don't recall if TitleDeko was originally bundled with one of those earlier versions of Premiere or with one of Pinnacle/Miro cards, such as the DC30.
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              Harm Millaard Level 7
              Finish up in 6 or so and start new projects in CS3.
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                I don't have earlier versions of Premiere anymore; I only have this enormous unfinished project with hundreds of titles and thousands of cuts. The video, transitions, audio, etc. all come up fine in CS3 -- everything but the titles.

                Is there no solution for importing these titles into CS3?
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                  akribie Level 2
                  Title Deko 2 is still installed on my old system, so I've just had a quick look.

                  I find I can run TitleDeko.exe as a standalone application and that there is an option to save in TGA format.

                  That would offer an escape route, albeit a fairly tedious one.
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                    the_wine_snob Level 9

                    While researching Importing Projects from Premiere 6.5 (Mac) into CS2, I ran across the mention of Title Deko. Do not recall the exact version number now, when it was discontinured in Premiere. Why am I commenting on this, you might ask? There are often earlier full-versions of legally sold copies of Premiere. I was looking into acquiring a PC P6.5, until I found that CS2 could handle those Projects and even from a Mac.

                    Considering the size of your Project and its contents, I would look for whichever version of Premiere that had Title Deko and address your problem there. You could do all work that was necessary, then Export to DV-AVI to bring into CS3. I'd do elemental streams (separate Audio and Video - non-Mux'ed) for this, incase you had to do much more editing.

                    Trying to Import such an early Project into CS3 will *probably* yield one of two results: complete failure due to Title Deko material, or the loss of all of your Titles. With the P6.5 (Mac) Projects, I only lost 3 3rd party Transitions. Everything else came in perfectly. CS2 even told me the names of the missing Transitions and flagged their location. I researched these and just substituted current Transitions that I already had for the missing ones.

                    Good luck. I know that the last version of Premiere with Title Deko is out there, because I saw it, but just did not note it - sorry.

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                      I use Title Deko all the time in CS3, although it does crash from time to time. I installed the software, made sure the titledeko.prm file was in the Premiere Pro CS3 root folder, and refreshed the PLUGIN CACHE by holding the CTRL key while starting PPRO. Again, it will crash my system occasionally, but PPRO's titler is GLACIAL for me (I do have about 6000 fonts, however) and I cannot get it to be fast enough for usefulness. I just use Title Deko as a stand alone and import the files as I need them.

                      Last of all, After Effects is great to use for titles as well.....
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                        the_wine_snob Level 9

                        That should be good news for the OP. It sounds like it might solve the problem and get the Project into CS3.

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                          Thanks for all the well laid out advice, guys. Rick, a particular question for you since you've got this same setup up and working -- I could not find any titledeko.prm file, just two named impt-tdk.prm and impt-titledeko.prm, respectively.

                          I copied them from the TitleDeko directory to the Premiere plugin\en_US and when I attempted to load the project TitleDeko kept on popping up. It was reading the various title screens in its native format, and Premiere would not continue until it had read all the titles (quite a few in this case). TitleDeko, as you'd expect, read its titles correctly.

                          I simply closed the TitleDeko window each time a title popped up (this action may have been the problem, I realize), and when the project was finally available Premiere once again couldn't make head or tail out of them. What to do when TitleDeko pops up within Premiere as it reads the titles? Save each title as is? (Maybe even, as David suggests, save in tga format?)

                          All your suggestions are most appreciated.

                          Thanks again,

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                            Hey Mitch - I believe you hit the the F11 or F12 key to "confirm" the import and update Premiere Pro. I know with a lot of titles it is a true "*****" to perform (I have had to do the same). Save as is, no need to save in TGA.

                            Happy editing!
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                              My God, Rick, it really will be happy editing if I get this running. Thanks for your good-natured and indefatigable help.
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                                Did these suggestions get you up and running Mitch?