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    Compatible decks for cs3 windows? no device control ...

      I recently purchased for my department (after much research, I thought) two dvd/dv decks for use with Premiere CS3...see below

      JVC SR-DVM600EU 3-in-1 Digital Video Recorder

      I have Vista and my colleague has XP so it was a chance to see if they'd work on both.

      My research told me they'd work with any NLE but on both machines it asked for a A/VC tuner driver which was not supplied by manufacturer and the JVC help was non -existant.

      So with the fun prospect of sending these decks back.. I have to find something else that is compatible. Here is all I could find that Adobe say but this is quite old..

      Does any one know anything that may help me purchase something????!
      We cant continue to use cameras to capture or the avc converter to capture from DVD as it is making our rubbish cameras even rubbisher!

      I would appreciate any help or advice from people who have attempted the same....