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    out of memory?

    scott mackenzie Level 1

      I am trying to render this HDV project before exporting back to tape.

      The project folder is big (192GB) as I am taking very small clips from other projects.

      My finished edit is 10mins long.

      When I try to render it says 'out of memory' change rendering optimization to memory etc.

      My rendering is set on memory.

      I have 200GB free on my hard drive.

      Is there anything that I should do to help CS3 render my project? I'm sure I saw something here about system cache. Do I need to find these and delete?


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          I am having a similar problem with my rendering. It is taking a very long time to render small clips. I bought 4GB of memory and have installed them successfully. I originally had only 1GB of memory. Yet the rendering speed is still taking the same time, even though I have altered the rendering optimization to Memory in the Preferences box. Any help wpuld be much appretiated. I have 400GB free on an external hard disk.
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            Level 1
            Just to note:
            I noticed that if you set the priority of premiere pro to Realtime in system manager then it goes slightly quicker.
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              scott mackenzie Level 1
              Hi Michael,

              I think my problem is slightly different as it is not allowing me to export to tape at all from this project.

              I went to another project to experiment and exported 30secs HDV to tape fine.

              Maybe my folder was too big (192GB) with loads of different smaller projects brought in. I don't know why this should matter but, it seems to be the problem.

              I will import just the very small clips i need to yet another project and then try from there! (see if something was corrupt and confusing PPro)

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                I am having a similar problem but it is keeping me from even using PPro now as the program shuts down with a runtime error. I was editing a 44 minute sequence with nothing unusual for what I have done in the past, but the problem began with an out of memory error and proceeded to the runtime shut down and Not Responding message. I tried the preferences and new user suggestion in KB but it did not help. Any ideas? I have 2 gig of memory and 200gb of free disk space.
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                  Eddie Lotter Level 4

                  Some more troubleshooting tips.


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