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    Dual Display

      Is there anyway to setup Premiere Pro to use dual display?
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          shooternz Level 6
          Yes. No problem at all if you have the video card to manage it.
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            SFL46 Level 3
            If you have dual screens hardware, the Premiere main page appears on the primary monitor. To use the other monitor, simply drag the panels you want to the second screen and size as you desire. Don't drag the main workspace--leave that on the primary. Premiere always displays dialogs and message at the screen center. SO, if you have the main page dragged over two screens, these dialogs will be split across your two screens. So, just move the panels.

            Although Premiere will save this workspace between program starts, you will want to save a custom workspace just in case you inadvertently select the reset.
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              Level 1
              Thanks, Steve
              I was hopeing that I could extend the timeline.
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                shooternz Level 6
                You can have the timeline extended across two monitors if you choose.

                Dock it in its own panel and stretch it out.