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    unknown error compiling movie

      I actually have version 1.5 but am downloading a CS3 trial to see if that fixes the problem (no one answered me on the 1.5 forum). I have 3 gig of RAM, Windows XP, 3 ghz pentium 4, and 200 gig free on both harddrives.

      I have a 95 minute 24pA timeline I'm trying to export. I can export it as an AVI fine, but I need to export it in a lossless format (because I need to reimport it into another timeline). The only way I know to do that is to use the Quicktime export using "none" as the codec. But, when I do that it gets to the very end of the export and says "unable to compile, unknown error" or something like that. When I try to play the file it exported it says quicktime doesn't recognize it.

      I've tried everything. The only 3rd party app I have is Color Finesse 2 and it isn't even used in this project.

      I need help ASAP!!! I'm under a huge deadline! :( Any advice would be enormously appreciated!