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    General questions


      I've just got Pro CS3 after using Elements successfully for a number of years and have a few questions I hope the forum can answer.

      1. I notice that Chapter Points are not available in Pro except as Encore markers. If I used them in the timeline and then burned directly to disk without a menu, will they exist on the burned DVD.

      2. How do I output from pro to a folder, which can then be burned to Disc at a later stage.

      3. I always seem to get the message "Title remote not set" when checking the project. Unticking it in the options will allow check project to go through without the error but when Build is clicked, the message "The project has problems......" appears. What have I missed, I just want that button to be ignored when pressed.

      4. I would like to get a better insight into Menu creation in Encore. Are there some tutorials that you could point me to?

      My appologies if the questions have been answered in previous forums, I have been browsing but not found the answers.

      Many Thanks

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          akribie Level 2
          1. Export to Encore transfers Encore markers to DVD as chapter points.

          2. To create a disk folder containing the DVD contents ready to burn, select the option to Export to Encore with menus. That will open the encoded material in an Encore timeline which you can then burn as you wish - including to a folder or to disk. You do not have to create any menus, but you will need to set up first play etc yourself.

          3. Look up 'Project navigation and links' in Encore help for details of setting the various menu options. You can choose to ignore errors if you are determined to continue a build.

          4. Although they are for an earlier version than CS3, the video tutorials at http://www.wrigleyvideo.com/videotutorial/tut_encore.htm are very helpful.

          There are also some excellent video tutorials on the DVD that came with your copy of Premiere and which are also available from http://www.adobe.com/designcenter/video_workshop/.

          I find it easiest to start inside Encore with a standard menu with buttons, or a blank background with just one button, and then use the Edit in PhotoShop facility to generate a custom menu.
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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            To elaborate on David's answer to #1. CS3, unlike either CS2 Pro or PE, cannot burn directly to DVD. That is now always done with Encore.

            I did not notice if you have Photoshop, but using David's suggestion to start with a Library Menu, you can do almost anything, within the DVD spec, there. Encore works very well with PS. You can still modify and populate Menus in Encore, using the Library Assets, but I find PS to be much easier to use.

            There are also several tutorials on Menu creation at www.muvipix.com. They are based on PE Menus, but can easily be modified in Encore, or even more easily in PS.

            I think you'll love CS3, once you get used to where things are located. Depending on which version of PE you used, the workspace might look totally different, but it's a much easier program for me to use, than is PE4. I guess that one just gets used to multiple Sequences, 5.1 Surround Sound and such in Pro. Not so much is automated to one button, but you have so much more power - you just have to set the parameters.

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              Many thanks for your advice, it's a very enjoyable learning curve