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    FLV Export from Media Encoder

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      Hi, When I export an FLV from ME, the clip does not play or starts and then stops on Vital Streams servers. I can take the same clip, export a movie as AVI, then bring it into ON2's Flix Pro (using the same codec as ME FLV export is based on) and generate a perfect FLV with the same settings. Has anyone tried to export an FLV and then upload to a streaming server? I use this for clients to review their projects if they are long distance. Thanks for any direction.
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          I've exported FLV using the media encoder put them out on a server. This is not a Flash media server but a simple http server. Since Flv is a streaming format the movie starts instantly anyways.

          If you've like, please give me a url to one of your flv file (the actual .flv file and make sure your server is able to serve .flv files) and I'll test it out from here.
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            Thanks for the reply. I've had my FLV's on Playstream for a few years playing back great, that was using Flix Pro to encode them. Then I saw a export in the new PPro CS3 so thought I'd try it, the results were not a good using the same settings and then it wouldn't play on their servers. The benefit is "instant on" not waiting for it to buffer. www.vitalstream.com is the site and there is even a folder for FLV when you sign up. There are more settings in Flix than ME, such as Local Playback and CBR streaming in flix. Have you tried to upload any to any server and had them play back OK?
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              Uploading an FLV to a regular web server will still have the effect of "instant on" since the FLV format is a streaming format.


              Try the above url. The flv that is used here is encoded using PP CS3.
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                That's beautiful. could you tell me what your settings were? I use the 256kbs preset, but turn off stereo to give a little more to the video end. Here is my website where my videos are: http://actionmedia.tv/index-3.html and you can see how playstream does it. thanks
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                  No particular setting to get it to work per se. Any setting works (the default included), I've been playing with the video bitrate settings to achieve a balance between quality and file size.

                  If you know the url to your flv file you can simply type it into the box below (what you looked at the video I sent you you might have noticed a box below the video).

                  If the server on which you're hosting the flv file has the flv MIME type registerd, you should see your video play. The player won't adjust to the dimensions of your movie, but you'll know if it works or not.
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                    That's what I meant, a balance between quality and size. Can you look at one of mine and let me know what you think of the quality...when you have a sec? It's just odd that Playstream wouldn't accept the files from PPro CS3. My video wouldn't play in the player you sent me. this is the URL: http://easylink.playstream.com/plasticcosmetic/FLV/recruitmentvideolow.flv I think it's something proprietary and only plays in their own player. did you ever hear of Flix Pro? uses the same VP6 technology. If you export an FLV from premiere, what player does it play in or do you have attach it to your own player? As long as I know it works for others, I'll play with it. I appreciate your replies and the time you've spent.
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                      Higher the bitrate the better the quality and file size. So the way I've been trying to work it out is literally, how large can a video be per minute and then depending on how long the video is I try and get it down to a certain video bitrate.

                      For me audio is important as well and so I'm essentially setting the audio bitrate to 128k.

                      Yes, your video does not play for me either. Is this video encoded using PPro CS3?

                      Essentially, the FLV files are intended to be played back using the Flash/Flex video player, and they do. I'm new to the whole "Flash" world as such (I'm Primarily a software programmer and not a designer) and so I don't know much about third party player/tools like Flix Pro.

                      What I can offer to do for you is make you a host like the one I'm made that you can use within your own website. If you'd give me the deminsions of the videos you produce (for online viewing) I can make you a player (no cost). It'll be my way of paying back this forum. If you send me an flv encoded using PPro CS3 that'll be even better :)

                      If you're a grpahics person, you could also send me png images of buttons and the like and I'll incorporate them into the flv player.