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    Render and record, export to tape question?

    scott mackenzie Level 1

      I have finished a ten minute HDV project.

      I now want to export to tape. (HDV Sony V1e) When I hit export - tape then hit the render and record box. This then brings up the Export to HDV (transcoding to HDV) box.

      The problem I have is that 10 min project trancodes for about ten minutes then just goes back to the render and record dialogue box, without the exporting to tape.

      I then tried exporting a smaller chunk (25seconds) and this renders in about three minutes and exports fine!!

      So, I think my camera etc is fine.

      Why won't my ten min movie render and record?

      Sometimes it does give me a low memory warning too. I have set the preference from performance to memory already.

      Please help!


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          Hi Scott,


          I am having this very same problem.


          Did you manage to solve it? If so, how??


          I've been trying to figure it out for the past 5 days and it's driving me crazy!!!


          I exported a 3 minutes sequence and it exported to tape fine. But when I tried to do the entire film - 55 minutes - it began the 'transcoding' then just stopped and went back to the 'render and record' pop up without any error message or anything.


          I am trying to get from CS3 to a Sony HDV deck.