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    Re-Link all media

      I'm using an EDL to create 470+ clips on a timeline. Nearly each of these clips refers to a different quicktime media source, and re-linking these one at a time is insanely time-consuming.

      In many other packages (Scratch, for instance), there is a 'find media' option, where software will search a given path and automatically re-link every media source clip to its timeline/offline clip.

      Is there a way to do this in CS3, or am I relegated to spending the next 5-6 hours in a repetitive loop manually re-linking one file at a time?


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          Jim_Simon Level 8
          Re-linking is easy, if you do it right.

          When you open a project that already has media in it, and for whatever reason Premiere can't find that media, it will ask you where it is. If all the media is in one location, it'll find all the rest after you tell it where the first one is.

          With an EDL, it sounds more like you're linking the media (no "re"). In that case, I think you're stuck with one at a time.