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    Still images blurred

      Why are all my still images blurred?

      I am new to video editing.

      I set up CS3PP to default Pal and placed the images on the time line and set to 'scale to frame" size.

      I can see that the images have lost their quality in the Program Monitor screen but the images are clear in the Source Monitor screen

      I viewed the images in Windows Media Player and they're blurred.

      I made a test CD and the images are blurred on the TV "standard pal TV".
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          Harm Millaard Level 7
          Most likely is OE, but hard to tell with the details supplied..
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            akribie Level 2
            If your source images have a significantly greater frame size than your PAL project, then considerable loss of quality is inevitable when you convert to video. Interlacing further reduces the vertical resolution for DVD video.

            That's the price you pay for using video to show stills. Maybe you should consider an alternative way to publish your stills if you want to retain quality. For example, a program like Irfan View (or one of the many others) that offer a slide show of full-resolution images on a computer screen.