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    Newbie: Intuos3 6"x4" or 6"x11" Is 6x4 adequate for editing work?

      Hi everyone,
      Just wondering if anyone is using a tablet, and specifically an Intuos3. As I am about to invest
      in one I was hoping for some feedback on them and if I really need to go to a 6"x11" (it is very large) or if I can comfortably get away with a 6"x4" for editing purposes.

      As I will also be getting CS3 or 4 I wanted to make sure I get the right one first up to use with all
      applications. I particually want a widescreen for editing but is a 6"x8" a better all round proposition for use with other applications in the CS? I am getting nowhere with the sales people, they just want as much money from me as they can get! Any help would be appreciated.
      Cheers Micki
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          shooternz Level 6
          I have an Intuous 3 Tablet.

          It works fine but I would not conside it a "must have" for either Premierer or After Effects.

          I use it occasionally and probably not enough to become really adept at using it. The humle old mouse does the trick for me.
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            akribie Level 2
            I use an A5 tablet for photo retouching, but prefer a mouse for just about everything else.

            Unless you can afford a large touch screen display that responds directly to pen inputs (available, but VERY expensive), I would agree with Craig that a mouse is rather more convenient than a pen for most editing operations (except possibly drawing masks or detailed rotoscoping in AE).

            Since CS4 is coming out shortly, and it is not yet clear from which date free upgrades will be available to late buyers of CS3, your best option would be to wait until CS4 is officially announced and the free upgrade period formalised before buying the software.

            As one who does both web and video, but who had the web collection already, I bought PPro and AE as separate applications since I didn't need In Design. The upside is that this was cheaper; the downside that dynamic link between PPro and AE is not available unless you buy the Video or Master Collection.

            Depending on what CS4 looks like, I may well go for the full suite next time to get the missing Dynamic Link. But since Adobe hasn't previously given upgrade credit to Collections from individual applications (even if you have them all separately), CS4 upgrade options will play a major part in my choice.
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              the_wine_snob Level 9
              I use everything from an ArtZ II 12x12 to an Intuous II 9x12, but hardly at all for Premiere or AE work. However, I would not touch much in PS without one. With one exception, all of mine are large. I have one 4x6, but do not like the small tablet. It depends on how one "draws" - if with fingers, then small is OK, if with their arm, they'll like the larger ones.

              Small will fit in the lap, but I have desk space, and do not edit that way. It depends on the user, really.

              I also do not like the feel of any of the mice from Wacom. My Intuous II's is still in the box after about 4 years. I use my Logitech cordless for the workstation, and the Intuous II's stylus.

              Mouse for most programs, but stylus almost 100% for PS.

              Have not tried the Intuous III, so cannot comment directly.