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    XviD compressed avi with 8fps and 44.1kHz

      Hello people!
      I use MediaInfo (mediainfo.sourceforge.net) to check fps etc on my movie files, and one film I have displays the following info:

      * General

      Format: AVI
      Size: 788 MiB
      Duration: 7mn 26s
      Bitrate: 14,8 Mbps

      * Video

      Format: MPEG-4 Visual
      Codec ID: XVID
      Bitrate: 12,9 Mbps
      Width: 720 px
      Height: 576 px
      Display aspect ratio: 4/3
      Frame rate: 8.000 fps
      Resolution: 24 bits


      Format: PCM
      Duration: 6mn 39s
      Bit rate mode: Constant
      Bit rate: 2 117 Kbps
      Sampling rate: 44.1 KHz

      When I try to import it to Premiere CS3 I get an error message: Unsupported format or damaged file. Is it possible to convert the file to 25 fps or 23.976 and 48 KHz audio without ruining the quality completely? How?